Engaging Hearts, Equipping Minds

Engaging Hearts, Equipping Minds

Atlas Immersion Academy’s Programs

Atlas West Linn offers a menu of both part-time and full-time program options to suit our families’ varying needs. With an immersive Spanish program, our center caters to children from 3 months to 6 years old, creating age-appropriate spaces that support children in reaching developmental milestones.

Whether your child is enrolled in an Infant Room or a Preschool/Pre-K classroom, rest assured that alongside their Spanish immersion they will also receive educational foundations in Early Literacy, Early Math fundamentals and STEM concepts, as well as engage in rich dramatic play, storytelling, artistic and sensory exploration, block play, fine motor skills building and more!  Infused throughout every day are opportunities for social emotional skills building and scaffolding by teachers who have been trained in the Conscious Discipline method. 

By combining philosophies and research on early childhood education from across the globe, we are able to create an anti-bias curriculum that exposes children to thinking beyond borders.

Infant and Wobbler Rooms 3 - 18 Months

Immersion Builds A Love For Languages

Atlas West Linn’s infant room is staffed by multilingual teachers who immerse the babies in Spanish. At these ages, the emphasis is on each child’s unique stage of development; babies’ brains are in the optimal stage for learning native pronunciation making this the prime time for a “more is better” approach! Absorbing a second language during infancy enhances memory, multitasking, self-expression, and much more later on.

An Inclusive Environment Honors Every Family & Child

From a young age, your little one interacts with various cultures, which helps them recognize the beauty in people’s differences. An anti-bias curriculum teaches young minds the values of acceptance, equality, diversity, and community.

Social-Emotional Learning Brings Lifelong Benefits

Teachers use the Conscious Discipline® method to teach your baby about identifying emotions like happiness, sadness, excitement, impatience, and more. Little ones also learn age-appropriate ways of managing their emotions.

Enriching Activities Stimulate The Senses

Your baby relies on a varied sensory diet to boost their cognitive development. Music, baby signing, a sensory garden, dance, and outdoor play twice a day help your baby express themselves while learning new skills and having fun!

3 - 18 Months

Young Toddlers 18 Months - 2.75 Years

Our Young Toddlers rooms have a low ratio of 1:4 to ensure children receive the dedicated care they require and allow us to provide an individualized experience for each of our little learners. As a Prerequisite to join the Young Toddler Rooms, children must:

Be a solid walker

Have a one-nap schedule

Full Spanish Immersion

Thanks to an immersive language program, your toddler gets a head start on becoming bilingual. Teachers speak to little ones in Spanish to get them comfortable switching between their mother tongue and their second language.

An Inclusive Culture Welcomes Everyone

An anti-bias curriculum teaches your toddler how to celebrate differences, keep an open mind, and appreciate different cultures. They will learn that diversity in the world is what makes it beautiful.

Learning How To Care, Share, & Take Turns

Developing lifelong social-emotional skills is just as important to your toddler’s development as academic learning. Children learn to be patient, recognize their feelings, understand how their actions impact others, and start verbalizing their emotions.

Toddlers 2 - 3 Years

Enriching Activities Develop The Senses

Programs such as dance, music and yoga stimulate your toddler’s senses and enhance their cognitive development. Developing creative hobbies allows them to express themselves while refining their burgeoning motor skills.

Outdoor Play Builds Strong Muscles & Bones

Outdoor play happens twice daily for 45-60 minutes on spacious, age-appropriate playgrounds. Your toddler develops large muscle groups and gross motor skills as they run, jump, and climb with friends on safe play structures and use our outdoor equipment which we regularly rotate to provide new and engaging activities.

Parents Are A Part Of The Family, Too!

Events and celebrations are hosted each year, with parents invited to join in on the fun at any time. As health and safety protocols allow, we strive to offer parent courses where you learn with other parents in the Atlas community! Topics include language exchanges, Conscious Discipline® theory and practice, and general early childhood development knowledge.

Conscious Discipline® Builds Emotional Intelligence

Teachers help your child learn to understand their feelings and how their actions impact others. They learn concepts such as taking turns, sharing, and describing their emotions.

Toddlers 2 - 3 Years

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Preschool/Pre-K 3 - 5 Years

At Atlas West Linn, a mixed age Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten environment allows for continuity over two years, and the benefits of mixed age groupings are well documented. In their “preschool” year, ages 3-4, children benefit from looking up to their peers who may have more developed skills in certain areas and feel challenged to push their own learning. During their last year before kindergarten, or “Pre-K”, older children learn to be leaders, which is invaluable for building confidence. In this role, 4-5 year olds set the example for younger children, and relish the opportunity to model their skills for younger peers.

Language Skills

Daily Learning In Spanish Builds Language Skills

Research shows that exposure to a second language early on in life increases your preschooler’s chances of becoming fully bilingual as they grow. Teachers conduct lessons in Spanish to offer an immersive, multilingual environment.

Social-Emotional Learning Creates Confident Individuals

Teachers use the Conscious Discipline® method to gently guide your child’s behavior and equip them with the skills to become increasingly self-aware, identify their feelings, and understand how their actions affect others. Values such as self-confidence, independence,and empathy are built by identifying emotions and learning to form happy, healthy relationships.

Your Child Will Be Ready For Kindergarten

Academic learning happens via child-led play and teacher-guided activities that prompt your little one to absorb knowledge through their experiences. By graduation, children are equipped with the reading, writing, numerical, and spatial abilities to ensure kindergarten success!

Creative Enrichments Stimulate The Senses

Enrichment activities such as yoga, dance, music, and art are equally as important to cognitive development as academics. These sensory-rich programs enable your child to pick up new hobbies while learning additional skills and expressing themselves creatively.

Language Skills

Parent Involvement Makes The Day

Parents are welcome any time, from helping on a field trip to joining in a holiday celebration. If you speak the target language in your child’s class, drop in and share your culture with the kids; they’ll love it!

Daily Outdoor Play Grows School-Ready Bodies

Recreational time on age-appropriate playgrounds happens twice daily for up to an hour. Staying active in the fresh air allows your child to expend extra energy while propelling physical development, ensuring they’re ready for school.

Continuity and Balance Create a Supportive Environment

The continuity of being in the same room throughout their preschool and pre-K years allows children’s confidence to bloom and, as they graduate to being the “older children” in the room, take on a nurturing role. With a well-balanced curriculum that blends child-led play with teacher-directed activities, your child gains greater than average literacy, numeracy, and self-care knowledge.

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