Engaging Hearts, Equipping Minds

Engaging Hearts, Equipping Minds

About Atlas Immersion Academy in West Linn!

Family-owned since 2010, Atlas Immersion Academy has grown from one French immersion childcare center, to now five different Language Immersion-based Child Development Centers in the greater Portland metro area.

 Our West Linn center opened in 2017, offering Spanish language immersion for children from 3 months to 6 years old.

In Atlas classrooms, the foundation for the immersion learning is…

Set through the physical environment, including books, visual aids, games and other materials from the target language/cultures.

Delivered through a native or near-native speaking teacher who engages with the children.

Aided by our well-tuned in-house curriculum, which is built upon years of experience and aligned to Oregon’s Early Learning Standards

This framework ensures cohesion, engaging learners and maximizing their potential with the new language, as well as all other areas of early childhood learning.

Our Mission

To raise the next generation of culturally and linguistically competent global citizens, through language immersion early childhood education.

About Our West Linn Location

When you visit us here at Atlas Immersion Academy, West Linn, you’ll see firsthand what makes us different! 

Safety and Convenience Combined

Our West Linn center offers parents complete peace of mind when it comes to road safety. With a convenient, on-site parking lot, drop-offs and pick-ups are made simple for parents and children are taught basic road-safety without having to approach busy thoroughfares.

Natural Landscapes 

Close to the Willamette River and surrounded by trees, our center immerses children in nature and allows them to experience wildlife up close. An enclosed playground offers children the opportunity to get outside twice a day, developing their motor muscles as they run, climb, and explore play structures and equipment. 


A Center for Parents and Children

Atlas strives to be a place of learning for parents as well as children. Our center offers learning resources and opportunities to connect with other parents in the area through classes and culture-sharing events, allowing us to provide support when and how you need it.

Highly Qualified Teachers

Highly Qualified Teachers

Each caretaker who interacts with your child obtains 20 hours of annual professional development in early childhood education, which is five more than the state requires. Monthly staff meetings are an opportunity to review policies and improve practice, involving our teachers throughout the process to ensure changes are influenced by those who spend the most time with your child and understand how it will impact them.

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Who We Are

After seeing how easily young children are able to learn multiple languages, and knowing the benefits gained by being able to communicate across cultures and linguistic boundaries, Atlas owners Dory and Jarod Hobbs, who both speak French as a non-native language, chose to immerse their own children in French at home.

When Dory’s personal search for a French immersion childcare accepting infants and toddlers turned up fruitless in 2010, she decided to lay the groundwork for opening a language immersion childcare center of her own. At the time she was teaching French at Portland Community College and needed care for her two young sons.

To Dory, who has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for language immersion, it was inconceivable that all French language immersion options in Portland began at age 3! “By age 3, kids are already jabbering away in their first language!” she thought.

Fortunately, through a combination of previous college and graduate school coursework, lots of hard work and determination, and the support of her husband, Jarod, in 2011 Dory’s dream of opening up a language immersion childcare center came true at Atlas Gabriel Park.

Atlas Immersion

Since then, Atlas Immersion Academy has opened four more centers, adding Spanish and Mandarin to our programs.

Atlas believes our innovative approach gives children a bright and positive start in life, encouraging both exploration and discovery as well as emotional intelligence and friendship building. Immersing children in language and creating an anti-bias curriculum that covers the world’s varied and beautiful cultures supports them as they grow into conscientious people who embrace the differences that make us each unique.

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What to Expect from Atlas Immersion Academy

Our mission is to provide the highest quality care in Portland and raise the next generation of culturally and linguistically competent global citizens, through language immersion early childhood education.

As part of our commitment, we provide all of our children with:

Enriching activities such as music, yoga, and dancing, all included as part of our regular learning program, teach self-expression and spark joy.

Events that allow children to learn about the whole world. We believe in an “all holidays” approach rather than “no holidays,” so expect many celebrations where you can partake with your child, meet other parents and staff, and have fun.

Tuition covers diapers and wipes, so you have one less thing to worry about or remember on busy mornings.

Healthy, home-cooked meals each day that meet dietary restrictions such as gluten- and dairy-free.

Outdoor play that teaches little ones how to respect and interact with nature in a meaningful way.

A diverse, all-inclusive environment where all cultures and traditions are honored and respected.

We would be thrilled to have you join our Atlas family in West Linn. Contact us with any questions at
971-238-9838 or click the button below to schedule a tour!

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